Combo Cleaner Premium Crack 1.3.13 + Security & Privacy (PC\Mac) {updated} 2022 Free Download

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What is Combo Cleaner Premium Crack 1.3.13?

Combo Cleaner Premium Crack seems to be a systems booster and antiviral programmer. This programmer runs on MacBook and therefore is compatible with one of the most recent Macintosh operating platforms. This software is compatible in a somewhat more improved manner than conventional security systems. This software has a huge documents detector, disc cleanser; redundant files search tool, computer remover, and security analyzer in addition to malware functionality. This service allows users to cleanse your system of potential vulnerabilities and liberate up large amounts of storage space that have become clogged with needless data. Combo Cleaner Premium License Key includes the honors professional virus, spyware, and advertising detection technology.

Combo Cleaner Premium Crack is Free

Only parts of this tool are offered for free, but to get its best features, you’d need to purchase its premium version. The free features that come with this app are the Disk Cleaner, the Big Files Finder, and the Duplicates Scanner. Pricing and installation: Combo Cleaner Premium Crack can be downloaded free of charge from the website. The free version of this app allows users to run quick anti-malware scans and use big and duplicate file scanners.

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Combo Cleaner Premium Crack 1.3.13 + Security & Privacy (PC\Mac) {updated} 2022 Free Download

Combo Cleaner Premium Crack is Safe

Combo Cleaner Premium Crack is a safe and legitimate anti-malware and optimization tool for Mac computers. The purpose of Combo Cleaner is to keep your Mac safe from different forms of malware and also help you maintain the machine and keep it running at its full potential. Combo Cleaner is an antivirus and system optimizer. This application runs on Mac computers and works with all recent Mac operating systems, including Yosemite, El Capitan, and Sierra. … This app can be used to clean computers of security threats and free up significant disk space cluttered by redundant files. Combo Cleaner won’t charge you for scanning your Mac. Moreover, its optimization toolkit is completely free to use, so you can fully benefit from the Disk Cleaner, Big Files Finder, and Duplicates Finder modules without having to purchase a license.

Combo Cleaner Premium Crack Key Features:

  • Storage devices can be scanned for redundancies and undesirable information with the Combo Cleaning solution.
  • Combo Cleaner Premium Crack Professional Membership Code is a set of utilities that contains two antivirus scanner algorithms.
  • That the very first scanner looks for Mac spyware, while the subsequent look for prevalent cyber security risks.
  • Disk Cleaning makes it simple to delete software caching, downloading, records, and garbage.
  • The Massive Documents function is the most permanent way to locate enormous documents and software.
  • The file Recovery Analyzer examines your storage space and displays the content of all documents which is comparable.
  • Databases, viruses containing documents, surfing, and perhaps other information which might also jeopardize consumers’ anonymity can be identified and removed with Transparency Analyzer.
  • Consumers can delete any previous version of the software and can really use this installation utility.

Combo Cleaner Premium Crack Explore Features:

Duplicate File Finder (Free)

Duplicate files are identical copies stored in various places on your hard drive. These files are a waste of valuable disk space. Duplicate files scanner is free to use. Combo Cleaner Premium Crack locates junk file duplicates and lists them in an easily-understood form. Removing duplicate files has many benefits. For example: recovering wasted disk space, reducing file search times, minimizing media backup times, etc.

  • Support for Many File Formats

    Combo Cleaner Premium Crack finds duplicate songs (with associated audio files), documents, photos, MP3 files, videos, and more. Removes duplicate folders.

  • Finds Duplicate Files on Local and External Hard Drives

    Combo Cleaner Premium Crack locates duplicate files and lists them in an easy-to-understand form. Removing duplicate files has many benefits. For example: recovering wasted disk space, reducing file search times, minimizing media backup times, etc.

  • Fast and Precise Detection

    Fast, precise detection of duplicates by analyzing file content and attributes. Combo Cleaner Premium Crack Duplicate Files Finder analyzes individual file data to locate similar matches.

Professional PC Anti-malware (Premium)

Combo Cleaner Premium Crack anti-malware capabilities consist of four main modules. A powerful on-demand scanner that will scan every file on your computer for malicious code. A real-time anti-malware scanner will uncover malicious applications the second they are being downloaded or executed. The Anti-ransomware module will protect your selected folders from file-encrypting malware. The web-protection module will prevent you from visiting phishing and infected websites.

Our anti-malware modules are created by a security professional who actively tracks the latest malware families and updates Combo Cleaner Premium Crack accordingly so that our users get the best protection.

  • On-demand malware Scanner

    Scan every file on your computer to be sure no malware is active on your PC.

  • Real-time protection

    Combo Cleaner Premium Crack will check every file that you download, every email that you receive and will warn you about possible malware infections.

  • Anti-ransomware protection

    Additional protection layer that lets you choose folders that will be rigorously protected from any malicious file encryption attempts.

 Big Files Finder (Free)

Wondering why your disk is full, but unable to locate files occupying significant disk space? Big Files Finder is free to use. If you are wondering where all your disk space has gone, you should check your computer for large files. Most Internet users download many files (such as videos, music, and images) on a daily basis. Some of these files might be large and occupy gigabytes of disk space.

  • Up to 1 GB

    286.5 MB

  • 1 GB to 5 GB

    4.23 GB

  • More than 5 GB

    8.92 GB

  • Extremely Fast

    Extremely Fast File Scan Engine. Big and Old Files Finder checks your local and external disks, immediately listing all files and folders larger than 100 megabytes (or any other user­-defined size).

  • Easy Sorting

    Large files sorted by modification date. You can also list files by creation date, thus, allowing you to determine which large files are old and perhaps redundant

Combo Cleaner Premium Crack 1.3.13 + Security & Privacy (PC\Mac) {updated} 2022 Free Download

What’s New:

  • Keeps your PC secureA real-time anti-malware scanner defends your PC from the latest malware threats.
  • Recovers Disk SpaceA big and duplicate files finder can uncover and save gigabytes of valuable disk space.
  • Ransomware protectionReal-time anti-malware and specific folder protection modules will keep your photos and documents protected from ransomware attacks.
  • Dedicated Support TeamOur support staff is ready to answer all of your questions regarding Combo Cleaner 24/7.

System Requirements:

  • Intel, 64-bit processor.
  • Mac OSX 10.6 or higher
  • OS version: macOS 10.10 or Newer
  • Hard Disk: At least 200 MB free space
  • CPU: At least Intel 32-bit
  • RAM Memory: At least 2 GB

How To Install Combo Cleaner Crack?

  • First, extract the zip file you have downloaded.
  • After that, make sure that you have Turned off your internet connection also.
  • Now drag and drop the dmg file into your app folder.
  • Then run it.
  • Enjoy the full software.

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Combo Cleaner Premium Crack 1.3.10 + Security & Privacy (PC\Mac) {updated} 2022 Free Download

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